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A vehicle wrap is the most cost effective way to advertise your products and services. There are many options when it comes to choosing the right vehicle wrap for your business and Front Row Signs is ready to help you throughout the entire process so you can choose the appropriate wrap that fits your branding and budget. This is exactly what we did for Letycom. Check out the process from start to finish.

Our client came to us with branding from their franchise that had to be manipulated for their particular vehicle. They wanted the full wrap option. This is where 75% or more of the vehicle is covered with graphics. You can really have some eye catching designs when you utilize most of the vehicle and of course, showcase more products and services than with other graphic options.

Truck wrap Tailgate view

We began with the design phase and since the franchise only supported particular designs they provided, we already had step one ready to go. Once the franchise option was chosen by our client, we inspected the vehicle and took detailed measurements and pictures. We have also used vehicle templates but we still take hard measurements as an added precaution to ensure that the design will fit as planned.

While taking measurements and images, we also evaluate the vehicle for current condition-any dings, paint chips, body damage, complex curves, or any other factors that we feel may impact the wrap. Based on our detailed evaluation, we choose the best materials based on the clients needs and budget. For Letycom’s truck wrap, we used Arlon SLX high performance cast vinyl with matching Laminate Arlon cast gloss 3270. This vinyl is a high gloss premium product with their patented FLITE technology and air egress. This allows the installer to easily re position the vinyl until firm pressure is applied to initiate the adhesive to adhere. This was printed on our Latex 360 and laminated with our Royal Sovereign laminator on cold laminate setting. This combination of vinyl and laminate allows for 4-1/2-5 years outdoor durability with clean removability with heat for up to 4 years offering lasting performance with the option to cleanly remove without any paint damage. What a great combination!

Front View

Here at Front Row Signs, we will sit down and help figure out your vision and make it come to life.  We offer a perfect as promised guarantee. We also have you bring your vehicle back in after 2 weeks for a check up so we can address any issues immediately before they can become a problem. We want our customers for life and strive to earn each and every one by being as preventative as possible and being there for our clients even years after the initial job. Give us a call today at 832-222-9385 to see how we can help to increase your revenue.


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