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We love helping restaurants with their interior and exterior signs that add flair and set them apart from the rest. Here is one we did for a brand new franchise, 1st of its kind in Texas. The owner of Crave, located in Spring, decided he wanted to offer a little bit of Texas decor in his dining room. We were excited to bring his design to life with crisp vibrant wall graphics!

Evaluating the wall

Before we are ready to install any wall graphics, we always do a wall adhesion test to ensure the vinyl will adhere correctly. Many factors can cause adhesion issues such as freshly painted or textured walls, or usage of low VOC paint. Its a good rule of thumb to allow a freshly painted wall a minimum of 2 weeks to outgas before applying printed graphics for best results. Once we performed the adhesion test, we chose 3M 35C with matching 3M 8508 laminate. Using a laminate over digitally printed vinyls allows additional protection for the print and is a must for longevity and keeping that vibrant print looking great year after year!


Time for the installation and since this was a new build out, we double checked the type of paint used and allowed enough time for the paint to outgas before install. The installer measured and ensured everything was level multiple times before beginning the process to install the 4’H x 12’W graphic. Once we began adhering, the installer worked from left to right. He began peeling back the backing paper about 6″ at a time and using a squeegee to minimize bubbles. With one last quality control check he ensures everything is in alignment before getting the client to sign off. He LOVED it! Mission accomplished.

Wall graphics are a cost effective way to advertise, decorate, inform or inspire. There are vinyls for almost any type of wall imaginable such as cinder block, textured, concrete, you name it. We are ready to help you choose the right graphic with the best vinyl for your type of wall. Head over to our quick & easy quote contact form on the website. If you arent sure where to begin, we can help you with our graphic designers on staff at your disposal. Let us know how we can help!


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