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Investing in branded packaging can be expensive for the new restaurant or catering company start up. We have a great cost effective solution. Labels! Read on to find out more about how something as simple as a sticker can brand your product and stretch your marketing dollar further.

Labels for your product packaging


Labels are essential for many reasons for product packaging. Here are a few:

  • Associate your brand with your product
  • Distinguish between different flavors 
  • Include product ingredients
  • Warn of potential allergens 

Labels for Catering & Food Trucks


Many restaurants and food trucks also offer catering services. What better way to extend your branding by adding labels to the sides of your hot boxes, coolers or anything you will use on site. By labeling your personal items, it can also keep theft down. It is important especially at the market where there are multiple competing booths and lots of potential customers walking around. Being busy can make it easy for someone to walk up and steal your private property. Set yourself apart by branding anything and everything you can. It takes a lot of brand repetition to get that coveted recognition. 

Using labels helps to extend brand recognition, product packaging or protect from unsavory theft. With a cost effective solution, you can get your products sold in no time. Give us a call today to sit down and discuss how we can get your product out into the marketplace. Our number is 832-222-9385. We look forward to seeing how we can help.



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