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Recently, our team was approached by Jesse Chen, a real estate agent with King Fay Realty of Sugarland. Ready to invest in her real estate signs, Jesse wanted something a little different than what the other realtors chose within her realty group. The current design was a little masculine and cluttered with a lot of information Jesse didn’t want on her signs. As a company dedicated to the complete solution of our client’s sign goals, we were thrilled for the chance to get started on this project!

It’s all about the design!

Jesse wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted, but she knew what she didn’t want. Our experienced designer took elements from the realty group branding and incorporated Jesse’s needs for a clean and classic design. Take a look at the completed sign in the image above. We included only the essentials that Jesse wanted without any inference of unnecessary elements. A sign does NOT need to be heavily designed to be effective!

Technical Specifications

With our high humidity here in South Texas, we chose .040 aluminum with a white powder coating baked on instead of painted to eliminate the chance of rusting. This 24×24 size was chosen because the client wanted the ability to change the sign out between an angle iron frame and a real estate post. It was a little larger than the traditional 24×18 but still sized to fit both options easily. This way, Jesse wouldn’t need to purchase another sign when she wanted to use the post for higher end clients. We would be happy to sell her another sign, but we know that by providing her with the higher value and versatile sign, she appreciates our integrity and honesty and will become a loyal client.

Real Estate Signs

As an agent, you need a sign that will not only draw attention to the home or property that you are trying to sell, but also provide potential buyers with the information needed to contact the agent easily. We offer signs designed with a highly impactful visual statement that can be customized to fit the brand and logo of any real estate business or agent. Our design team is on hand to help you find the right details to propel your specific sign into a realm of marketing success!

Sign Solutions from the Experts

The marketing industry is a vast one with many options for businesses to choose from. With our team, you are given an initial strategy session to find the details needed to get your perfect sign underway. We find out information about your location, industry, branding, budget, and goals, as well as the ordinances or guidelines you may need to abide within. This ensures your final package is one that is not only effective, but also long-lasting. Reach out to our team of professionals today, and get your custom sign package started!

Written by: Front Row Signs – Sugarland, Texas


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