Sugar Land, TX – Van Decals for Local Radio Station Promoting Community Businesses

We love working with and promoting local businesses. What better way to do both than to work with a local business with the same goal in mind?

Ray Nelson and Daniel Fernandez of Sweet 96 reached out to us to create some decals to personalize the van they bring out to various community events. We needed to brainstorm a solution for them as they had some requirements for the graphic that included the following:

  • Must be able to remove graphic without any residue or adhesive left behind
  • Must be able to use the same graphic over and over
  • Must be able to stand up to the demands of weather and wind
  • Must be cost effective

We decided on Photo Tex wall graphic material and created a removable & re-usable decal. The Photo Tex substrate has a durable, fabric-like finish. It is perfect for temporary applications that need to be removed and reused. Just remember to remove the graphic if you get the vehicle you place it on washed, as the adhesive can break down with water. Don’t worry about having to replace the graphic if you must remove the material; it can easily be laid back down without much hassle.

Their design simply included their logo, and installation was a snap with our teams expertise. We were able to measure, line up, and center the design for a perfect install. We educated Daniel on how to remove and reinstall on his own as well, so that he could easily duplicate our methods at his convenience. We’re always happy to do this for our customers! It ensures that we provide the best job possible for you and if you don’t have the knowledge to install yourself, our expert team is the best way to go to make sure your decal is perfectly aligned so you don’t have to worry about air bubbles, scratches, or any other flaws in the future.

What’s awesome about Sweet 96 is the station’s focus on providing true value for their local audience by highlighting topics, events & charity organizations right here in our community. You can spot their station at just about any big event happening in the Sugarland, Richmond, or their surrounding areas, and their tower is right in the Sugarland Pecan Grove region. We love their heart centered values and what they do for the community, including local event coverage, raising money to help families like the Maccagnans who were affected by Hurricane Harvey, and much, much more. Give them a listen at 96.1 on the dial or on their website, Feel free to request any song you like, and listen to see if you can catch us on the air as well!

As Richmond and its surrounding areas show exponential growth, local businesses need to stick together and help each other succeed. If you’re looking for a company that wants to expand and support your local business, contact Front Row Signs at 832-222-9385


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