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Recently, we were contacted by Patrick Sexton of Legacy Ford. Their dealership is located on the Southwest freeway in Rosenberg. Patrick needed a banner to display his latest advertising campaign. With the prime location along the highway, we needed to create a highly visible display that could withstand the high winds along that corridor. We were ready for the challenge.

After speaking with Patrick during his free strategy session, we decided on a plan of action and a timeframe that would address his concerns, needs and stipulations. They were as follows:

  • Visible from a distance
  • Message clear and concise
  • Easily read
  • Banner material should withstand high winds
  • Needed a new setup to display the banner
  • Incorporate the color branding of their Ford dealership

Beginning with the design, we prepared the message needed with the proper color options. To keep the message clear and concise as requested, we decided on the most important features we wanted to include and made the text as large as the size would allow. For the colors, we decided on the red, white and blue of the dealership brand for the text and added yellow for the background color. These color combinations were very dynamic together.

To assure the best visibility for the banner, we chose to outline all text with white. The font choice is also integral in readability and we chose a thick bold font that was easily read while drivers were zooming by at speeds up to 65mph.

Next we focused our attentions on the banner material. Since the location of the installed banner would be in a high wind area, we chose mesh material so the wind could easily flow directly through the material. We also added half moon slits strategically placed throughout the banner to allow even more airflow to pass along. This helped to ensure the material would resist tearing during wind gusts.

While our lead designer established the design and material to use, our installation crew analyzed the site with our detailed survey. We were aware of the need for a new setup to display the banner and evaluated the site with some ideas in mind. Once discussed with the owner, we decided to create a custom setup that could be used over and over.

This Ford dealership banner turned out to be quite the custom project. From design to installation, our team of flexible experts fulfilled the specific needs of the client. We attribute our successful outcome not only to our Front Row Signs team, but also to an awesome point of contact with the dealership that was open to suggestions and highly responsive. A huge thanks to Patrick Sexton and the Legacy Ford team for a great partnership!

Written by Front Row Signs- Rosenberg, TX


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