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Choosing a storefront channel letter sign for your business can be overwhelming and very confusing. There are many moving parts to the fabrication, permitting and installation process. Our project managers follow specific systems that ensure each step is performed correctly and safely. Lets take a look at some of the details to consider when choosing your channel letters.

Font & Color:

Font and color choice can make or break a sign. Some colors will look completely different or non-existent from daytime to night. Choose easy to read fonts with thick or bold lines rather than thin ones. Simple bold fonts are best with some script options. Keep in mind though,  the fancier and more detailed the font, the harder it may be to read and usually the higher the cost as well.

Size and thickness:

Channel letters are between 3″to 8″ thick. The letter height size is dependent upon your available space. Most landlords and jurisdictions allow anywhere from 70%-80% total width of the available space for a sign. Keep in mind, many companies charge by the letter. If your business name contains many characters,  you may consider shortening it to the most important message. For example, Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy can be shortened to Martial Arts Academy or Ft. Bend Martial Arts.

Logo elements:

Many logo elements can be very detailed or complicated to fabricate into a channel letter. A great alternative is to use a logo box. Similar to a channel letter’s construction, the box will be bent and shaped to the outline of your logo and a digital print of the image used. This way you can achieve complex designs or multiple color elements without breaking the bank.


Depending where your business is located, you may have certain sign restrictions. Before choosing the type of sign, check first with your landlord and local city/county/HOA requirements for what is allowed in your area. There are two types of costs associated with pulling permits-the actual permit fees by the city or county and the acquisition fee of the company doing the research, filling out the appropriate forms and including all the drawings necessary for each entity.

Installation method based on storefront fascia:

The installation method is dependent upon the type of material on the storefront-brick or stone facade, stucco or other types must be factored when calculating price. The more difficult to penetrate the material, the more labor involved, the higher the cost. There are  2 options for mounting-direct mount or raceway/wireway mounted. Direct mount is when each channel letter is mounted individually and the wires are pulled through to the power source through the wall.  For raceway mounts, the channel letters are pre-installed on the raceway/wireway instead of the actual building substrate.

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