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Traditionally, when you think of advertising your business, many will consider print or online media. What about an option you look at everyday? A great avenue for advertising your latest promotion is directly within your business space. You can showcase your brand, your company culture, safety facts, industry rules, regulations and compliance, employee policies and procedures, product promotions and sales and the list continues!

Let’s begin with how to make the best choice for your marketing goals. There are multiple options to consider before choosing the perfect graphic and where you can showcase it. Regardless of your type of business, you will want to consider your goals (we recommend one at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed), the graphic size and the best placement to showcase it, what you want it to say and look like, and what is your budget.

Start with where and how much space you’d like to use for your graphic. Bigger is always better, you’ve probably heard, but not always necessary or the most cost effective. Consider your proposed budget when deciding on size. There are many tricks of the trade that can be utilized to give more impact to a design than size alone. Consider borders, increased text size, or alternating colors for effective alternatives.

Before deciding where the graphic is installed: wall, window, floor or ceiling, consider available space and who you want to see the sign. If it’s for your employees, then it’s best to have it on the walls, hanging from the ceiling or on the floor of the break room or work areas. If its for your customers, placement on the windows and walls is probably best.

Next, what is your goal? Choose your graphic and text that best depicts your message, brand, or promotion. If you aren’t sure, ask to sit down with the designer or a team member. At Front Row Signs, we offer free strategy sessions to all our clients. We ask the questions that help to develop the concepts that lead to eye catching designs and dynamic text that gets your signs noticed! You’ll want your message and image to be succinct, not busy or overcrowded.

What type of materials should you use? Your graphic has either removable and temporary options like for a sale or promotion, or maybe something more permanent like employee policies or safety rules. Most businesses give each employee their P & P once hired, but think of the impact it can have if the most important points are summarized & posted in the break room. If you are a daycare or hospital that requires special or frequent cleaning practices, you will want a high performance & protected vinyl and overlaminate that can withstand such cleanings.

No one wants to think or talk about budget, but it is imperative to have at least a ball park figure of what you’d like to put towards your marketing sign project. You wouldn’t spend $500 at the grocery with only $100 available so you begin with a list and a plan. It doesn’t have to be set in stone, but it gives us a place to begin without wasting time on materials that are out of our client’s price range. Here’s where getting creative can be challenging and fun!

The most common response we receive when asked about what type of budget a customer has is “I don’t know what my budget is or what this job should cost”. A reputable sign company will help meet your goals within your budget so don’t be afraid to share those goals with them. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing, you may not be with the right company and should look for someone else before proceeding.

At Front Row Signs, our practices are transparent. We walk you through what to expect before your job begins. If you are looking for a way to put some merchandising dollars to work within your business space, then give us a call for that free strategy session we are always talking about. Don’t waste another opportunity! Call 832-222-9385 today!

Written by Front Row Signs-Richmond, Tx


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