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Contemplating a new paint job for your vehicle?  Have you considered a vinyl wrap instead? You might be hesitant to install any type of vinyl on your vehicle but today’s article will break down the myths and facts of vehicle graphics. After reading this, you can easily decide if adding vinyl graphics is a good decision to enhance your vehicle.

Paint Vs. Vinyl Wrap

As with any investment, getting the facts is imperative to making a good decision. Here are some myths and truths that help in choosing a vehicle wrap.

  • Vinyl graphics will damage the vehicle’s paint job-False. Most vinyls specifically created for vehicle applications have a removable adhesive. If applied correctly with the correct vinyl, the graphic is usually easily removed after 1 year and in later years, is removed with heat or special chemical removers none of which will damage the paint job.
  • Graphics and wraps are more expensive than paint. False. A full color change or graphic wrap costs less than a paint job. This is considering a quality paint job.
  • Truth-application of graphics is quicker than a paint job. A quality paint job could take up to 3 weeks while the wrap can take up to 3 days.
  • Truth-a paint job will require more maintenance and care than a wrap. You need to wash and wax to keep your paint job looking great whereas you need minimal care for the wrap.
  • It is better to paint if you want a custom color. False. With today’s wrap vinyls, you can have any color, multiple finish choices like matte, metallic, gloss or holographic and even textured surfaces to mimic carbon fiber.
  • Truth-A wrap is more durable than a paint job. Your paint is easily damaged by UV rays, scratching, and other hazards.

As you can see, there are many different reasons why a wrap is a better option than a new paint job. The wrap will need less maintenance, easier care, removable without damaging the original paint underneath, can change out designs and colors for a new look every couple of years. Our Front Row Signs wrap installers and project managers will walk you through the decision process. If you have damage to the vehicle, we are honest and will not recommend wrapping over it. Helping our clients to make informed decisions is important to us and our company culture proves it. If you are considering a vehicle wrap or spot graphics, give us a call at 832-222-9385





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