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Muti tenant units are the most common form of business storefront. Unless you move into a newly constructed strip center space, you will have to contend with what the previous tenant left behind. This is especially true with the signage. You may have signs that are left behind with the previous tenant’s graphics. Should you reface or replace? Well, that depends on the condition of the existing signs. Let’s break down both scenarios so that you can decide what is the best course of action.

As a sign company who cares, we not only take the time to help our clients decide what is the best option by providing them with the facts, but also offer an assessment of the signs. Not every company will do this for you. They will tell you to just replace the sign but that may not always be the best choice. It is more work to remove old graphics before adding new ones than to replace the entire face and start fresh so not all companies want to incur that extra labor. We will always recommend what is best for our clients even if it means more work for us.

First step is to assess the signs in question. We have a questionnaire process we follow for thorough assessment of any electrical and non lit signs.

  • Is the base/cabinet/channels structurally sound? If not, what needs replacing?
  • If lit, are the fluorescent bulbs still in good shape or need replacing? Power supplies? Conduits?
  • Does the sign contain any graphics? Approximate age or ease of removal?
  • What materials are the sign comprised of?
  • Any visible bends, cracks or damage?
  • Any yellowing or discoloration?
  • Any missing components or hardware?

By walking through a site survey with a set of assessment procedures, it allows us to update the client on the current state of their sign and what our recommendations are. We almost always bring a point to their attention that they weren’t aware of and we are very honest about it. Sometimes it may be a better option to replace than reface. If the sign is not worth saving, it may cost more money to fix it up than to replace it all together. Of course the ultimate decision lies with the client. We simply provide them with as much detailed information as possible so they can make their decision based on the facts.

Removing old graphics can lead to other issues. If the previous sign had cut vinyl (vinyl or graphics that are detail cut individually) once removed, there can be a ghosting effect left behind. Think of it like you have a bandage on your wrist. If you were out in the sun directly for a week and then removed your bandage, you will see that your skin color is darker everywhere except under the bandaged area. This is exactly what can happen with the vinyl. The longer exposed to the weather the worse this effect is. Sometimes this can be removed with special chemicals and other times it is too far gone. If we cannot remove the ghosting, we will offer a solution to cover the entire area instead of using a cut vinyl option again which the ghosting can show through, especially if lit. You really shouldn’t cover up the old cut vinyl sign with a new graphic without first removing the existing.

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