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As a realtor, signs are part of your business. Many real estate signs are generic or must be branded with the national companies information. How can you utilize your sign to stand out from the crowd? Let’s discuss some options.

Good Sign Components

A good real estate sign should consist of at least 3 components:

  • The Realtor’s name
  • If the home is for sale, for lease, or rent
  • The Realtor/company contact information

QR codes, taglines, excessive contact info., website… These are all not necessary and the sign can become too busy. If you need to add additional information, why not utilize the rider. A rider allows for additional pertinent info so that you can keep the main sign uncluttered. Riders are usually 6″ high and the width of the frame that holds it. This doesn’t allow for a lot of extra info., so keep that in mind when designing it.


A custom sign allows your creativity to shine through. It can set a realtor apart from the pack and get them noticed. Keep the main message clear, concise and uncluttered. Some important points to ensure:

  • your branding is represented correctly within the guidelines allowed
  • agent’s name
  • contact info preferably the phone number
  • Company/Brokerage

Substrate Choices:

  • Coroplast-inexpensive, lightweight, temporary, can see the lines of the plastic underneath your print, can easily bend and warp.
  • PVC-cost effective, little more durable than coroplast but can still bend and warp in the weather, lightweight, lasts longer than plastic.
  • Metal-2 types-Aluminum and ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) Both cost more than the other 2 options but is a more permanent solution, rigid, professional appearance, resists bending and warping, heavier than the other options but the ACM compared to the aluminum is more lightweight and thicker due to the plastic core.

How to choose which material is best? Well that depends on the realtor, the budget and the end use. If you are a part time realtor, you may not want to invest in the long term sign so coroplast may be your best choice. On the other hand, if you are a dealing with luxury home sales, you do not want to use a plastic sign for this type of client. Speaking with your sign company and seeing what they suggest based on your needs is something we do every day!

Whether you are a new realtor or one who is seasoned and looking for a way to re-brand yourself, we are happy to work within your brokerage and company guidelines. If they do allow you to include some of your own branding, we can create the design or run with your own concept. Either way, we will print a sign that gets you noticed and one that you can be proud of that represents your own personal brand.

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