Richmond, TX – Marquee sign solves visibility challenges for The Crate Crossfit

Whether you are opening a new business or running your existing one, choosing signs that will inform, notify and bring customers to your location are vital to any successful marketing strategy. Tarsha Jackson, owner of The Crate Crossfit, needed to utilize her 4 acrylic panels within the large pylon marquee sign. We had a few challenges to overcome from the beginning. Here’s what we did.

It’s not a concept you haven’t heard before-as in real estate, location is key with sign choice and placement as well. Since her business location was pushed far back from the road and the marquee was located directly alongside the Westpark Tollway, these signs would be her best and only source for driving traffic to find her location. We needed to utilize the space wisely and efficiently depict the most important elements that would get her noticed.

Design Issues

Choosing a design that spoke volumes was the next challenge. The client wanted to utilize her logo. It contained a text and image element. With 2 acrylic panels next to each other on both sides of the marquee, it seemed redundant to just print the logo out four times. We considered  breaking up the name “The Crate Crossfit” between both panels and keeping the image element only on one panel. We ruled it out after thinking that with the name “The Crate” separated out, the potential for confusion was too great. Afterall, it was a brand new business that didn’t have any name recognition yet. It would be different if the name was a nationally or regionally recognized brand. This got us thinking…. Crossfit is a recognized brand in itself and once read by passers by would instill in their minds exactly what we wanted it to! The conclusion was to keep the first panel logo as is and utilize “Crossfit” in the same font & color as the logo to keep the design unified and cohesive. You can see how this looked in the image above.

The Weather Factor

Choosing the right printable materials and substrates at the beginning of your sign creation will ensure that your sign will last as long as you need it to. Here’s where the sign company can really help educate the client with their indispensable expertise of the best products to fit the client’s’ needs. We had a budget to adhere to but needed a vinyl that could withstand the sometimes harsh weather of South Texas.  We chose a calendered white translucent vinyl designed for backlit and internally illuminated long term outdoor signs. The vinyl was stated to last up to 7 years. We added the matching overlaminate to extend the life of the vinyl even further.

As a new business owner with many initial expenses, choosing which signs will be the most impactful and best value can be an overwhelming process. A great sign company will walk you through the entire process educating you along the way. We do just that with our complimentary strategy sessions for all our clients. It takes more effort and time on our part to help our clients figure out what sign is best for them but it is just the way we do business. Let’s get your complimentary strategy session going and see how we can drive more business to your door. Give us a call at 832-222-9385.

Written by: Front Row Signs – Richmond, TX


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