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There isn’t a shortage of business branding books, video’s or strategies. It is an important part of creating a new business and how your potential clients will view and experience your business. When we are creating signs for new or existing businesses, we take extra care to represent your brand correctly. This is exactly what we did for our latest client. Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy was a business that was already established but moving to a new location. How we helped keep their brand front and center is the topic of today’s article.

When Fort Bend Martial Arts Academy needed help to create a new channel letter sign we were up for the challenge! During their free strategy session, we discussed many factors that would offer them the sign that everyone was thrilled about. Here are some of the topics/questions we covered:

  • What were the most important points to include? Their business name included many letters so they decided to remove Academy as it was less pertinent
  • Any branding we could incorporate? We utilized their specific colors and images to mimic their marketing
  • Budget-If clients know the amount they need to work within, we can offer the best materials for the cost
  • Time frame-Since channel letters take about 4-6 weeks for permitting and fabrication, we always ask the time frame for the client so we can meet their deadline
  • Permits- Are permits required?
  • Landlord restrictions-We ask about any restrictions the landlord may impose. It is important for us to receive a copy of the lease requirements so we can be in compliance

Once we have all the design details, lease and permit requirements, we walk the client through the process. We initially create a design with the estimate so we need the client to provide any branding guidelines, vector logo or image files. Once the client approves the estimate, we require 50% down payment. We also have an electrical and payment contract that explains the job scope, warranty and payment expectations. Once both contracts are signed and down payment received, we can begin production.

The first step is to create the design until it is approved by the client and landlord. Next we apply for the permit. Once the permit is approved, we can begin the fabrication process. We never want to take the chance of fabricating before the sign is approved by the permit office in case we need to change the design. When we are almost complete with the fabrication process, we begin to schedule the installation. Depending on the type of access, we may need admittance into the storefront from the client. Once we have installed, the client has a final walk through and approval that everything is as promised and working correctly.

It takes some time to work with clients so that expectations are met. At Front Row Signs we are happy to sit down and strategize with our clients on how best to accomplish their goals. We incorporate the most important factors so that we can present you with the best sign for your budget. Call us today at 832-222-9385 for all your business signage needs.



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