Richmond, TX – Reverse-Lit Channel Letter Sign Impacts Your Storefront

 Reverse-lit channel letters are a fantastic way to stand out, whether the sun is up or down, in your retail center. Channel Letters, especially those illuminated with eco-friendly LED lighting solutions, have shown to be a very effective way to get your storefront noticed. Whether it’s day or night, having your storefront in bright light and bold colors reflective of your brand are sure to turn heads. 

Reverse-lit channel letters, alternatively known as “halo” letters or “backlit” letters, are named because they illuminate on the opposite, or reverse, side that standard channel letters do. The front facing is metal, usually aluminum, while the backside is made of clear Lexan or another clear polycarbonate. The LED lighting inside shines against the mount and back wall, creating a “halo” of illumination around each character of the mounted sign. This backlit effect is a bold, classy way to draw eyes towards your storefront. 


For over ten years, Center Court Pizza have been serving the Houston metropolitan area with great food, an extensive variety of drinks and entertainment, and a quality, local, family experience. Always keeping patrons up to date with latest sport and television events, there isn’t anything to miss when you arrive at any of their eight locations in the Houston area. Center Court Pizza – Aliana brings the food and fun to the Richmond, TX area, and we at Front Row Signs couldn’t be happier to help usher in a new hot spot for great food and family fun into our community!

Later on, in order to increase daylight visibility, we came in and refaced all the front aluminum with white vinyl. The letters in Center Court Pizza’s logo now stand out more against the brick wall they are mounted on. Because the illumination of reverse-lit letters is still facing the mount, the letters still are illuminated by a “halo” effect when the sign is lit at night. However, during the day, the letters continue to stand out with bright, white vinyl laid onto the metal facing.


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