Richmond, TX – Durable Vibrant Vinyl for Long Lasting Vehicle Wraps

United Water Restoration Group Inc. contacted us to wrap a set of vans in durable, vibrant vinyl  to brand their work vehicles. Read below to see how we worked with high quality, durable materials to create the perfect wraps for their business.

The United Water Restoration Group Inc. is a full service restoration group with over 14 years of experience across the United States specializing in water damage, fires, flood, storm, sewage, and mold remediation. Fast, professional, and trustworthy, United Water Restoration Group will dispatch a remediation technician within five minutes of contacting their emergency hotline (provided on their website), and guarantee quality service while being able to work with any budget, insurance coverage, or lack thereof.

For their vans, we printed an all-over design on Cast Avery vinyl to showcase the vibrant colours and text, as well as stretch it to go over the entirety of the vehicle with no visible seams. The material is durable, prints vibrantly, and is perfect for all-over wraps that can last around four years under any weather, wind, or water conditions. This is perfect considering the special services that United Water Restoration provides to their customers.

Wraps made with long-lasting vinyl are a perfect way to brand your company vehicles and protect them from potential damage on dangerous jobs. Your company vehicles will stand out and last for years, guaranteed!


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