Richmond, TX – Durable Long-Lasting Post and Panel Signs for Grand Opening

Using high-quality alucon metal and laminated vinyl with a vibrant print, we create a successful post-and-panel sign to commemorate the grand opening of Torch IT in the Grand Oaks Business Center in Richmond. Read below to learn more about how a great post and panel with quality materials can help others learn all about your business.

What’s great about the ACM Alucosun aluminium composite panel material we used for our post and panel for Torch IT is its impeccable durability. It is composed of two aluminium sheets and a polyethylene core laminated together at a high temperature. This allows the material to ensure high strength against wind and weather as well as overall color consistency when a print is laid onto the white surface. This makes the Alucosun material perfect for, not only post and panel but also, many kinds of outdoor signage. It is a very popular choice among our real estate clients for property signage, as well!

For Torch IT’s post and panel, they requested that we make sure to include:

  • The full name of their company: “Torch IT Solutions”
  • “Computer Repair”
  • Their phone number and website

Daniel and Pamela Storch, the owners, left the design elements up to us, but stressed the important information that would need to be visible for driving passers-by.

With their requirements in mind, we created a design that included all of these elements in an organized manner that’s pleasing to the eye and can convey their information quickly for those driving quickly near the business center.

Our team of experts with sign installation at Front Row Signs take great pride in the quality and integrity of their work. We are proud of our quality control, efficient turnaround, and impressive criterion for what makes a successful sign. Give us a call at 832-222-9385.


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