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Overabundant Sign Choices

We do not expect our customers to all have the knowledge to decide on what type of materials will best suit their sign project needs. As a business owner with a storefront, you may need guidance on what types of signs are the best for you or even where to begin. This is where Front Row Signs really shines. We love to help educate our clients so they can make informed decisions. Our showroom is filled with images of jobs we have completed and is a great starting point for ideas  We suggest options that fit within the parameters we discussed and create a plan. This is what we did for our client, Texas Gun Stop Firearms. His current signs were old, faded and badly in need of an update. Here is what he chose after our proposal.

Which substrate to pick?

The clear winner was a metal and acrylic combination. We could choose MDO or .040 aluminum for this type of application but chose black 3 mm Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) which is 2 pieces of aluminum on the outside of a polyethylene (plastic) core.  ACM is a lightweight but rigid substrate and very cost effective compared to other options.


We had the sheet routed to a 48×48 circle. We chose a 3/16″ thick white acrylic in which we routed the text and logo design. We applied MP55420 10:1 adhesive to the backs of the white acrylic routed pieces and attached to the black ACM circle piece. This adhesive is a great workhorse in our shop. It can adhere to virtually any substrate, plastic, metal you name it. It sets up quickly and once it cures, it is permanent. To ensure proper curing time, we allowed the finished sign to set up overnight for at least 24 hours.

Installation & Quality Control

Time for installation. Since the roof line was corrugated, we prepped the back of the sign ahead of time with 3″ threaded plastic pads for 3″ stud mounts using the same adhesive. We created a drill pattern for the holes. Once ready to install, we filled the holes with clear silicon. We taped down the sign since some of the holes fell between the metal roof corrugations allowing about 2.5″ of air space as we wanted to allow the silicon time to set up. We returned the next day to remove the tape and double check everything was working as planned. Client loved the final product and looked forward to working with us on his next project.

With so many options for what types of materials to use for signs, you need an expert that will offer honest and cost effective solutions. Front Row Signs will never put profits before integrity. We work hard every day to be known as the company that uses quality products and guarantees our workmanship. We appreciate our clients trusting us with their business. If you are looking for a business sign, fill out our quick and easy quote here on the website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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