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Friend of the Small Business

At Front Row Signs, we get it. We know all about the pressures, excitement and anxieties that come with owning your own business. It is our mission to help our clients choose signs that offer maximum impact with high value. Custom door graphics may seem like an after thought in the big scheme of what you need to open your business but they are essential to every storefront.

What to Include?

  • Phone number-absolutely essential
  • Hours of operation-Customers need to know days of the week and times you are open and closed.
  • Your Business Name-Sure its really large on the front of your building but as the customer walks up to the door, that sign is out of view. Especially if like in most strip centers, the next door neighbor’s door may be located directly next to yours and may be confusing. Honestly, even though we have great graphics on our own door, we still have people walking into our office when they meant to enter next door!
  • Logo– Your logo is your branding.  We recommend putting it on everything. If you are an independent contractor or franchise owner, you may have requirements as to what and how you should use the national branding but they will want you to use it to the fullest.
  • Website-can be debatable and we feel its a personal preference but if you have no restrictions from your landlord, why not include it?


These types of decal graphics work well for interior doors as well. Check out this example for our client inside an office building.







You can choose to have your images digitally printed to ensure all the color vibrancy and branding is represented or use white cut vinyl for a cohesive look. Many doors will have a combination of the two and some ordinances will only allow white. They even restrict what information they allow so be sure to check on that beforehand. If you have no restrictions, try to do something unique that leaves a lasting impression. Look at this cool graphic we did for a local eye doctor. Pretty clever if I say so myself!

You have a friend in the sign business. Front Row Signs is always excited to be a part of a new business. Did you know that we promote our clients? We share the love on our Facebook page, within our newsletter and with peer to peer referrals. You are more than just a transaction to us. Your success is important. Give us a call today at 832-222-9385


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