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With increased growth in the Houston area and beyond, many new churches are forming or expanding. Case in point, the church we attend was built and almost immediately needed to expand! Some churches are also having to move to a larger or temporary location to accommodate their growing congregation. In all these instances, these churches will need some sort of signs. From directional, outdoor monuments, ADA, flags, interior wayfinding, seasonal banners, the list goes on and on. Our latest church client was Church of God Mission International. Read on to see how we advised them on how to choose what options best fit their needs.

Whenever a new client isn’t sure what signs they need, we always take the time to ask them the pertinent questions to help achieve their goals. What is the purpose? What is the message? How many do you think you need? What is the size we should consider? What is the location of the sign installation? Are they temporary or permanent? What type of budget are you trying to work within? What is the timeframe that you need the signs? All these questions give us a better idea of what the client is trying to accomplish. It helps us to suggest the right signs for their needs and avoids the client purchasing a sign that isn’t a good fit.

This scenario was the case with our latest client, Church of God Mission International. The church contact reached out to us regarding signs needed for their temporary location but didn’t know where to start. They wanted some signs to help their congregation find the temporary location. Since they only rented the building once a week, the signs needed to be easily removed. They also had a tight budget. After deep diving into their needs, we decided the best type of signs for them would be a banner and multiple yard signs.

We offered a banner option, as the contact expressed a need to have a type of sign hanging on the outside of their temporary location but needed to reuse it. It would be attached to the side of the building while they occupied the location and removed each week. We first considered traditional 13oz. scrim banner material but the client decided they wanted to use the banner in another way in the future. They wanted to also use it in the ground and since the banner would now have little protection against the elements, we decided to switch to a mesh material option. The mesh banner would allow air to move through the material as opposed to the scrim which was more likely to get damaged or destroyed. The yard sign option we recommended allowed the church to easily install and remove each week. They are also very cost effective for a temporary sign.

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