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Purchasing an existing business has many benefits-client base, reputation, tried and true systems. It can also be detrimental-poor reputation and systems, broken equipment, bad atmosphere. When our client came to us after purchasing an existing bar, it had quite a few problems but her dream was bigger. Since there were many expenses, the client’s budget for signage was limited. We were excited to help her tackle this project and offer some cost effective solutions to keep the costs down.

Since the business encompassed a complete makeover of the location, we offered the client multiple options so she could choose what was most important. Her new branding was at the top of the list. All other marketing materials and signs were based on the logo so we got to work right away!

The process for logo development can be tedious but rewarding. We offer a quick questionnaire so that we can narrow down options for color, font, style and branding. By taking the time to discuss the clients answers and details of our process, we remove the miscommunication and frustrations.  We also offer multiple formats for versatility of use.

Once our client decided on the logo, it was time to choose the signs.  When we are discussing the signs needed at a storefront location, we look at what type of sign can offer the most impact for the client’s needs.  We consider the storefront facade, front door and windows, tenant monuments, vehicle’s etc…We take full measurements of everything, and consider what materials will work within the budget. We also consider the city, county, HOA and landlord’s requirements as many municipalities have sign restrictions. This may take some extra time on our part, but we feel it is worthwhile.

The client chose a front lit channel letter option and multi tenant monument sign. By assessing both signs for ways we could offer a cost effective solution for the clients budget requirements, we were able to save her some money with a few tweaks. For the channel letter sign, we chose a digital print for the shield element keeping the detail of the design instead of changing to text since the branding was very important to the client. For the tenant sign, by removing the original vinyl and applying the new vinyl on the existing faces instead of replacing them, we saved our client money again. She was thrilled with the results and of course, her pocketbook.

Taking time with our customers, getting to know them, their dream, and how we can support them is a big part of our mission. It can be exciting and at the same time scary to open your own business. We understand the complexities of new business ownership and strive to offer the best materials within the clients budget. It takes patience and great listening skills to help bring a from scratch idea to life and we are happy to help! Fill out our easy quote form and we can get started on your dream!


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