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Business strip centers are great when you don’t want a retail space but need a storefront nonetheless. Unfortunately, sometimes business centers may not have ample signage available. This was the case for our client in the Grand Oaks Business Park in Richmond, TX. We offered a cost effective solution to their problem.

This particular business park and storefront location had a couple of issues regarding potential and current clients locating them.

  • The center did not have any tenant or monument signs
  • Since the center was newly built, online maps were putting the location in the wrong area so it was difficult to find the stores
  • The front entrance of their storefront location faced away from the main road
  • The rear faced the road but building signage wasnt allowed
  • The landlord didnt allow any type of temporary marketing signs such as flags or banners

Since there was a large lot adjacent to the road, we wondered if we could utilize that area to place professional looking post signs. We spoke with the landlord to ensure we had approvals before moving forward with our idea. Once the landlord was on board, we discussed with our client our solution. They were excited to be able to access the drivers attentions on the busy main road. The sign would also double as a wayfinding sign helping customers to find their location.

We decided on a double sided 8’W x 4’H sign to access drivers on both sides.We chose Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) for the substrate. ACM is made of three layers: a low-density core, and 2 pieces of aluminum bonded to each side. This substrate allows for a high structural rigidity and low weight. Since these were installed in a high wind area, they needed to be structural sound but also cost effective so ACM was the perfect choice.

We constructed the sign with 2 painted 4×4 pressure treated wood posts. To save the client money, we chose one substrate with a double sided print instead of 2 single sided prints attached back to back on the posts. The single substrate choice needed additional bracing with painted wood 2×4’s for extra stability in the high winds of the area to keep from bending. We chose a location near the road that coincided with their physical storefront location. For the graphic, we chose a simple design incorporating the client’s logo, contact info, tagline and website with the largest piece being the business name/logo. The background was white and the text black-simple but easily read. Drivers are passing at speeds of 50 mph so the message was uncluttered but relevant.

Clients usually come to us with either a problem to solve or needing signs but not sure what or how to move forward. It is our job and part of our company culture, meeting with our clients, listening to their needs and removing our own agenda. We are the experts and don’t expect our clients to have all the knowledge regarding what may be the best choice for their sign needs. If you are ready for a team of professionals to work for you, with you and have your best interest, then look no further than Front Row Signs. Reach out to us by phone at 832-222-9385 or fill out our contact form at your convenience.


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