Are in you the market for some custom political signs?

Political signs, sometimes called lawn signs are popular for candidates to get their name noticed. They are temporary corrugated plastic signs that can be single or double sided, attached with t-posts or stakes & installed in the ground or on fences.

You see these signs en mass during election season. There are so many it can make your head spin just looking at all of them. A well designed sign can get the attention it deserves in a sea of basics. How can you differentiate your political sign from the other competing candidates? Clarity, Color and Simple Messages. Your message must be short, to the point and easily read. Choose a basic bold font, contrasting colors and printed at a size that can be seen from passing cars.

What are the most important features you should include on your sign? Name, precinct or county, position you are running for, photo.

What colors are best? Most candidates will use some form of red, white and blue and we tend to agree. Keep it simple. Using a white background with a combination of red white and blue as accents is perfect. Consider for the text a reverse of background color with white text layered on top.

Is bigger better? Single or Double sided? Size depends on where the signs plan to be installed. The farther away the sign will be viewed, the larger it should be for best visibility. This also comes into consideration when deciding if you should have single or double sided. For most cases, double sided gives you double the exposure so we would recommend those. Some times the signs are installed against a wall, or fence where only one side is viewed so of course, we recommend single sided for those instances.

We are equipped to turn around small  quantities of 25 or less and also 10,000! Although we can create any size you need, typical sizes are the 24×18 yard sign with a metal stake in residential yards. For those larger areas on road sides, there are 4’x4′ and 4’x8′. 

For the material, we use coroplast. This is a plastic substrate with flutes either vertical or horizontal. The flutes allow a stake to be installed for grass. the thickness chosen is based on the overall size of the sign. For the 24×18 sizes up to 48 x48 we use 4mm. For the larger sized options, 4×4 or bigger, we use up to 10mm thickness so that they can withstand any type of weather for the short term. Thickness choices also depend on where the sign will be installed. Will it have a good solid base to attach to or just flying in the wind attached to stakes in the ground?

Quantity determines cost. Buying in bulk offers you the best discounts too!

Whatever you need for your custom political sign, we are ready to help you choose the best design and options to offer the highest impact for your budget. Fill out our quick and easy quote to get more details or give us a call today at 832-222-9385

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