Outdoor flags get your business noticed!

Looking for a way to increase your customer reach without breaking the bank? What if I told you there’s a product that offers high visibility of your business brand or message with a variety of styles, portability, & design flexibility for a reasonable price? Outdoor flags can do all of this and more!

Outdoor flags are an impactful investment. They can improve your marketing efforts in an instant! We can help you to utilize every inch of the flag to inform, notify and promote your business. To inform, we can choose a dynamic message that’s poignant and concise. Some examples would be an open house flag for a realtor or used cars flag for a dealership. To notify, we can choose text that simply expresses your message for example a restaurant that is newly serving breakfast. Let’s make it blatantly obvious what you want your customers to know. And lastly, use outdoor flags to promote your latest sale or service such as a buy one get one deal.

Outdoor flags are versatile with 4 style options– Feather, Straight, Teardrop and Edge which you can see in the picture above. The Edge style requires different hardware to accommodate it’s unique shape but some styles share the same hardware making them interchangeable and saving the client money. The heights will vary based on the flag shape but range from 8 feet to 16 feet tall. Those heights offer some great visibility!

Of course, you can overwhelm your potential customers with excessive text and images. You wouldn’t want your entire restaurant menu on a flag, just like you wouldn’t include all the spa services you offer. You choose one product or service you’d like to promote and keep it simple. Let’s remember the purpose of the flag-to inform, notify and promote your business. What is the best way to do just that?

Front Row Signs is ready to help you get the most value from your outdoor flags. Here are some excellent tips to help your flag stand out from the crowd. You can utilize the size of your flag to the fullest with large bold text, contrasting colors and easily read fonts. Sometimes you may want to add an image or logo, but keep in mind the size. It needs to be large enough for good visibility and impact.

Let the pros at Front Row Signs help create and install the perfect outdoor flag for your small business. We want your flags to work for you again & again and that is why we take the time to really listen to you during our free strategy sessions. Fill out our contact form for a no obligation quote for your next outdoor flag!

-Written by Front Row Signs Richmond, TX


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