Need a lobby, reception, or office sign?

At Front Row Signs, we specialize in custom lobby signs that get you noticed! Custom lobby, office, or reception signs are designed to provide brand awareness to visitors. It is usually one of the first things clients will notice about your space. There are multiple material options to customize your sign such as fabricated metals, dimensional letters and logos, acrylic, floating or halo-lit, the possibilities are endless! Regardless of the look and style you want to achieve, our team members are ready to help you with a free strategy session to determine your options.

What is the best type of signage for your lobby? That depends on different factors. How large or small of a space do you have? What is the aesthetic of your space? Whimsical & geared towards children like a day care, professional & modern like a doctors office or elegant & reserved like a fine dining restaurant? At Front Row Signs, we take all these factors into account and really have a conversation with you to find out these answers.

There is a lobby sign for everyone’s budget. Some cost effective options:

Digital printing of a logo and tagline adhered directly to the wall or on a substrate like metal, ACM, acrylic or PVC and installed with some nice standoffs. You can really get creative with digital prints. Our in house designer can help you even choose a design that looks dimensional without having to purchase actual dimensional letters!

Your imagination is truly wide open when choosing what you might like for a lobby sign. We will work with you from start to finish and take pride in helping our clients vision become reality.

Every business wants to make a good first impression. The presence of a well designed and installed lobby sign adds to the wow factor that can attract new clients and retain current customers. We create each custom design with attention to detail and care. By educating our clients on the options that will best suit their needs and budget, we offer value and knowledge to help ensure confidence in your decision for a stress-free experience.

If you would like to discuss your options for a custom lobby sign, give us a call at 832-222-9385 or you can fill out our contact form and we will contact you within 4 hours of receipt. Thats our promise. You are important to us and we prove it by our attention to detail and truly listening to our clients.


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