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Today’s topic is something that you probably see pretty often on TV ads, in the grocery store and driving around town.  Have you ever reached for a product to purchase at the grocery and you noticed that the packing is different? The company has re-branded their packaging to update the look (but same great product, right?). You may notice it or you may not depending on the impact it has on you. Why branding is important for businesses, small or large, is the topic of today’s article.

Why is Branding Important?

There are many benefits for small and large businesses to set up their brand. Here are a few:

  • Customer awareness-allows the customer to associate and recognize your brand. By improving customer recognition, you enable the consumer to become a lifelong customer.
  • Consistency-when you keep consistent to your brand, all marketing efforts support your brand.
  • Enables trust-a professional brand instills confidence in customers.
  • Employee motivation-When the employees buy into the brand due to the vision and mission it supports, they can carry it forward in their daily duties which can increase productivity
  • Legitimacy-Enable consumers to see your business as legitimate.

Considerations for Branding Or Re-Branding:

  • Have Your Customer in Mind-By aligning with your customers’ needs and fulfilling those needs, you can increase customer loyalty.
  • Why you? Show why your branding should matter to your customer, and why they should choose your products or services produces the highest reward with repeat business
  • Create Messaging That Illustrates Your Value-Whether you are the low cost leader in your industry or the high end product and services expert, your message should encompass all of those details.
  • Color choice- Colors actually mean something! Many consumers don’t even realize their unconscious minds are associating certain outcomes with particular colors. This is usually more apparent when choosing paint colors, but uses the same premise. For example, red can offer a feeling of warmth, urgency and danger but can also signify something different when combined with other colors such as red, white and blue-patriotic.

Branding doesnt have to be difficult or costly. As a small business owner, you can create you mission, vision and branding on a small budget. Just keep in mind that consistency is key. Need help building or rebuilding your brand? We can help! Give us a call at 832-222-9385. We are happy to help with logo creation, and print media like business cards, brochures and of course signs!


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