Katy, TX – Tips For Creating Your Architectural Sign With Local Sign Company

Have you ever gone to a business and looked at their logo or signs they had around them? Were they all the same design or different from each other? Sometimes being a business owner, you are left with a lot to think about such as branding, colors, marketing, customer relations. It can become overwhelming at times especially when you are first starting out. So where should you start? Here at Front Row Signs, your go to local sign company, we can help! Here are some tips below to help get you started on what to think about when creating an architectural sign for your lobby, outside front or even your monument sign.

1. Integrate Your Branding

When creating the perfect sign for your lobby or outdoor sign its always best to have colors that are easy to read. Fonts are also important when it comes to the name and logo of your business/brand. These two things are key for customers or clients to help decipher who you are compared to other brands and businesses. Your logo and sign is something people will be eyeing while they are interacting with your business. When you have a lobby or architectural sign in front of your building, it is best to make sure you keep the same colors and logo so it is easier for people to find your location.


2. Make Them Accessible

Signs that require customers directions of publics spaces need to be in ADA compliance such as using braille. When creating Braille for customers you want to make sure you use durable material so it can last and not have wear and tear. Durable material will save you money in the long run and will keep looking great for years to come. When looking for material you want to make sure it will be for something permanent if you plan on staying at your location for as long as possible since they wont be interchangeable such as  promotional signs or sales.

3. Durable Material

When thinking about your sign, it’s best to go with material that is durable and will make your sign last. Architectural signs are meant to last because they are usually attached to the building and help promote your business so you want something that will last a long time and look great at the same time. For example, metal and composite materials often hold their shape and appearance better than simple signs made from laminated paper.

At Front Row Signs we strive to do the best quality workmanship for our customers. From the quality of the sign to the design and installation, we work with our customers to find what best suits their needs. From the smallest of jobs to the biggest of them, your local sign company treats every order with care and precision until it is done right.

Please make sure to visit us at 19308 Morton Rd, Suite 109, Katy, TX 77449 or call us at 832-222-9385 to schedule a consult with one of our members to help you create your next sign. We love working with new and existing businesses coming to the growing west side of Houston and Katy area!






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