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Church Sign Update

Years have past since your directional sign install. They may be in good physical condition, message is easily read but isn’t relevant anymore or needs an update to the design. This is exactly what happened to our client from a local Katy church. They needed us to update the color scheme with the new branding. Plus, the locations changed so the wording and arrows needed updating as well. Let’s take a look a how our suggestions saved them money.


Replace or Reface?

The scope consisted of 8 existing exterior painted PVC signs. We accounted for 2 different sets of designs, sizes and orientation when creating the updated versions as some where horizontal and some were vertical. To keep costs down, we suggested utilizing the existing sign base and installing the new graphics on the face. Since some of the interior room locations changed, we needed the new text to reflect correct locations and designations for an accurate account.

Must Have a Plan

To keep the signs organized, we created a file that showed the existing sign (before), the location of the sign, the new sign (after). We also assigned a numerical and letter designation to each sign. This helped tremendously when it was time to install.

Weather is not our Friend!

Time for the install! First we needed to remove the existing lettering. Next, the signs were filthy so we cleaned with soapy water first and then an alcohol prep to remove any residue left over from the cleaning or adhesive from the existing graphics. One the signs were cleaned, prepped, and dry we installed the graphics to the face and the black strip underneath the bottom. The weather was not our friend that day! Wind gusts and rain had us stopping and starting a couple of times but we persevered.

Be Prepared!

Many factors can through a wrench in the best laid plans. We feel that preparation is key when undertaking a project such as this. Having a plan, and usually a plan B just in case, good systems and organizing the details with quality control checks throughout the job will minimize errors. We train our team to look at the job from the clients perspective, their expectations and the best outcome from design to install. This takes additional time up front but is well worth it. The client was very happy with the finished product and we didn’t have any errors or waste from reprints or redo’s.

Updating your existing signage doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace the entire sign. We will work with you to evaluate your existing sign and determine the best course of action. Our integrity and quality workmanship is very important to us. We are ready to earn your business with a Front Row sign. Give us a call at 832-222-9385



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