Katy, TX – Katy ISD school fundraiser parking signs a big hit for Shafer Elementary


When Shafer Elementary PTA needed some parking signs for their auction winners, Front Row Signs was ready to help!  Shafer PTA runs a highly effective online fundraiser where they auction off different items to the highest bidder. One of the items was to get your very own parking spot with your family’s name. If you’ve ever seen the pick-up and drop off lines you will know how coveted a parking spot can be! In the end, the two winning families were presented with their new parking spots for the entire year! Lucky Katy ISD family’s!

The parking signs from the last year’s auction needed updating with the new family’s names. To keep the costs down, the client initially wanted a sticker of the new winning family name placed on top of the previous year’s winner. One of our team members went out to do a site survey and found some interesting discrepancies that would change the outcome of this request.

Upon our inspection during the survey, we discovered that the two signs were installed quite differently. One had the name of the family printed directly to the decal while the other had a blank space on the design print with the family name in cut vinyl on top of it. Since the black colored designs were out in the sun all year, the printed vinyl had faded. It would be extremely difficult to match a newly printed black cover up sticker to the faded black existing one. Since the cut vinyl was placed on top of existing vinyl, it would be pretty tricky to remove it without scratching the vinyl underneath. It was time to brainstorm a new solution.


We proposed an entirely different option to the PTA President. We suggested to replace the entire decal with the new family name each year. To keep the costs down, we would remove the old vinyl and replace it with new vinyl re-using the aluminum blank over and over. Since we didn’t have to match the new sticker to an existing design, or colors that had faded, the design “re-do” took much less time. And since we didn’t have to daintily remove cut vinyl from existing vinyl, the installation time was decreased as well. We could replace each sign for a fraction of the cost!

Since the parking signs were only needed for 1 year, we chose economical vinyl to keep more money where it belonged-towards the fundraiser. We understand the importance of keeping as much money for the school projects that are needed for the coming year as opposed to purchasing materials and were happy to help!

Once the designs were printed, it was time for the next steps in production. We easily removed the signs and brought them to our showroom to finish assembling. We removed the current decals, cleaned and prepped the aluminum blank and then applied the new decals. We could have just placed the new decals on top and maybe no one would have noticed but it’s not the way we do business. We would know. Our integrity and workmanship is 100% guaranteed perfect as promised. This is not just our guarantee but our way of life.

The PTA loved how they turned out and we look forward to help with the signs every year. Do you need signs for your school? We do it all-from banners for the team championship, to announce the upcoming red ribbon week or the latest theatre production or inexpensive yard signs with stakes to high end message centers and dimensional building letters! We are your one stop shopping for all the school signs you can think of! Give us a call at 832-222-9385. We’d love to sit down with your PTA, school secretary, or booster club and see how we can help you!

-Written by Front Row Signs – Katy, Texas


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