Katy, TX – Hours of operation signs for Cendura Funding

We received a call from Stephen Exley to create a couple of door graphics for their new office within a local Katy ReMax building. We were happy to help!  He needed their business logo and hours of operation on the front door of the ReMax office and on the glass door insert of their own office. Front Row Signs was ready to make it happen!

The front door is the traditional spot for most businesses to display their business name, hours of operation, phone number and website. Our client chose to incorporate only the logo which included a full color graphic and text, and their hours and days of the week they were open. Although pretty simple to execute and design, the sign still had the impact the client desired without adding non essential information.

Since the client provided a high resolution vector file of the logo, we were able to easily create a format that would enhance the design. After playing around a little with different ideas, the client chose the finished look in the picture above and was very pleased with the result!

Cut vinyl graphics and text is the #1 choice for business glass door signs. It is versatile, inexpensive and one of the easiest ways to showcase basic business information. Sometimes the landlord may have restrictions as to what, if any, colors are used. In this case, we did not have any restrictions.

Because the doors were glass or had a glass insert, not all colors would offer great visibility or readability. On the office door, we chose black for the text as there weren’t any issues with light or sun distorting the color. Blacks and other dark colors can have a tendency to fade if the correct vinyl isn’t chosen. We chose white vinyl for the front door to match existing signs that were already present. Most window graphics do not need to be seen from a distance so size of the design was not an issue.

Even the simplest of designs and installs can turn south if not prepared and installed properly. Our team of experts take great pride and creating each and every sign from start to finish with multiple quality control checks along the way. One of our team members would love to help you increase your ROI with a sign from Front Row Signs. Give us a call today at 832-222-9385

Written by: Front Row Signs – Katy, TX


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