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Our Katy ISD school district is a large one. Each has their own clubs, groups, and sporting events. With the large campuses, you can imagine how confusing it is to attend or even locate a particular event. Custom flags are a good choice to not only advertise your club or event but also act as a directional sign to find the location.

Custom Outdoor Flags-A Good Marketing Option

  • Versatile-We offer many types of flag designs and sizes
  • Multi-purpose-single sided or double sided offers more visibility depending on your location
  • Cost-effective-The value of a flag is a great option to get you noticed
  • Easy to operate-We include instructions but anyone can install and remove easily
  • Short term or Long Term Option-Due to the weather, many flags can last up to a year or even longer if used for monthly or for annual events

Short & Sweet

Imagine you include the date, the group, the logo, the address, the phone number contact all on the side of the flag. Anyone driving 45 MPH by the school will not be able to read your message.  What is the most important message you want to convey to your prospective audience? Take a look at an example of what we did for the Tompkins High School Theatre Company Comedy Sportz shows. “MATCH TONIGHT” is the message for their flags and their Comedy Sportz  logo. The logo shows who they are. The message is concise, showcasing their most important factor. A perfect balance!

What Quality is the flag?

Be aware that all flags are not created equal. Ensure you ask the manufacturer about the flags quality or it may be on the ground ripped to pieces within a couple of weeks.

The fabric portion of the flag is made of a polyester fabric with a pole pocket sewn in on the pole side. The fabric is hemmed all around the flag. For double sided options, two pieces of the printed fabric is sewn together with a blockout fabric in between offering 3 layers. You can spot clean with soap and water to remove dirt. The aluminum poles are telescoping with a bungee type cord within the pole to allow for easy assemble. The spike base is reinforced to easily push into the ground. We do not recommend the cross base for concrete placement if using outdoors unless the flag is located against a building where it is blocked from the wind.

A Good Design can Save You Money

Utilizing good design can offer even more cost effective options! Use bright or dark colors for the fabric of the flag. Some great options are bright yellow, lime green, fuschia pink or dark colors such as navy, crimson, hunter green, dark purple etc.. You can’t go wrong with white text on the dark colors and black text on the bright, but definitely choose a contrasting text color. This way, the text will not fade into the background. Ask your sign designer what color combinations are best.

A custom flag is a great option! They are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. With a clear concise message, utilizing easily read color combinations, you have a marketing tool that really works!  We will offer you the best solution at a cost within your budget. Fill out our quick and easy quote form and someone will contact you within 4 hours (during regular business hours). We are ready to help!


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