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Do you need a high quality vinyl sign for your business? Call a local sign company for high quality vinyl signs. We can help you find the right sign for your budget.

Post and Panel Signs are one of the most common signs you will see on construction sites. Traditionally they contain a sign panel attached to two wood posts. These are great temporary signs but what if you want something that will last longer?

We offer a great alternative to the typical wood post sign system. The Vinyl Post and Panel system we stock is made in the USA.  We partner with a company that manufacturers this type of sign with a 1 week turnaround.  Our Vinyl post and panel offers many benefits for the investment.

  • They are comprised of high quality vinyl.
  • They are hand made with custom sizes to fit every need possible.
  • They can outlast most other similar products in its class
  • They are easily assembled
  • They can be broken down and transported easily

Let’s compare how our vinyl product holds up to its wood and metal competitors.

  • Wood-Easily rots, absorbs moisture, warps
  • Metal-Can rust if not properly powder coated or painted, can bend easily
  • Vinyl-Does not bend, warp, or rust

Especially in our Texas high heat and humid region, it is even more evident that high quality vinyl is the clear winner. Traditionally, the cost for each material showed a big difference from wood to the vinyl. In today’s market, the demand and shortages of wood and metals  have increased their costs to almost triple what they were a year ago. It is also tough to acquire any wood and metal products as they are mostly out of stock or have high lead times as opposed to the vinyl, which is readily available.

Our Vinyl Signs have some other advantages over their wood and metal counterparts. When you build a wood or metal sign, their size and rigidity can be a problem for transporting. Unless you own a large truck bed, it would be pretty tough to transport a 6′ or more sized assembled wood or metal system. They must be assembled at the installation site. Not really a big issue but assembling a sign in an air conditioned controlled environment compared to out in the weather is most preferred.

As a local sign company, Front Row Signs works with new and existing businesses in the west Houston and Katy areas everyday. We are ready to help you find your next high quality vinyl sign so give us a call today! 832-222-9385



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