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Growth in our Katy, Houston area and beyond continues to increase every year. The many Real Estate Brokers and agents need to separate themselves from the pack. This is where we come in. At Front Row Signs, we know what can give your sign exceptional visibility, readability and set you apart from the thousands of agents that are competing against you. We are ready to share all our knowledge to help you get that sale!

Anatomy of a Great Sign

There are good signs and there are GREAT signs. We want potential clients to view your sign and think exactly what you want them to think. Here are considerations when deciding what your real estate sign needs to have impact:

  • Visibility-based on location of installation. Since most residential signs are installed pretty close to the sidewalk or adjacent road, it should not be difficult for the sign to be easily read from a passing car or pedestrian.
  • Text & Font-the style font you choose might be fine for an offer letter or fancy logo but does it translate well for a sign? Basic, bold fonts are best. Steer clear of script or condensed fonts. The size is dependent upon the available space you have. The most important part of your message should be the largest size the sign can comfortably fit.
  • Color– Not all color combinations work well together. Choose colors that highlight the message and doesn’t distract from it.


Three main types of substrate are used for real estate signs-coroplast (plastic), PVC, or metal.

  • Coroplast-These are best used for open house signs where they are temporarily displayed. They are not meant for long term.
  • PVC-Outdoor rated PVC can be a cost effective option for any types such as For Sale signs, or riders.
  • Metal-The best option for a rigid material that lasts for years.

Display Frames

The 2 most common forms of real estate display frames are the H-Frames and L posts.

  • H frames are traditionally welded angle iron frames with a black powder coating. They come in an array of sizes, vertical or horizontal orientations, with single, double or no riders. They have either a bolt in or slide in option for the signs. While these can be quite heavy and bulky, they are cost effective and get the job done with years of use.
  • L-posts made be made of wood, metal or vinyl. Each have their own drawbacks-wood tends to deteriorate quickly, metal can rust if not properly prepared, and vinyl can be costly. All look great and allow you to utilize different sized signs with the same frame making them extremely versatile.

No matter what frame or sign you need, Front Row Signs can help! We work with all private and national branded brokerages utilizing all the branding guidelines to keep your signs within compliance. Call us today for a free no obligation quote at 832-222-9385


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