Katy, TX – Construction sign gets high visibility on busy road

When Ron Frank began breaking ground for his latest development, he called the experts at Front Row Signs. Located in Katy on Mason road, Ron’s new retail center named Bella Palma, needed a post and panel sign to notify prospective tenants of the upcoming space. We do many post and panel signs for construction sites so we had the materials in stock and were ready to get started.

Construction companies require many different types of signage to operate effectively. One such example is post & panel signs. They are used to identify a construction site and provide more details to the public about the ongoing project. These large display signs advertise the participating builders and general contractors for their specific jobs and construction site location.

The client had a simple design in mind that included a rendering of the retail center, contact number and contact name. Because there was little information competing for space on the sign, we were able to design the text large as it could fit on the 8’ width. This allowed for maximum exposure and visibility for the most important parts of the sign-the contact info.

After the design approval, we moved into the production phase. We offered some installation options to the client to maximize visibility on both sides of incoming and outgoing traffic. The client chose 2 separate panels installed in a V-shape angle. We then printed on intermediate General Formulations 230 2.4 mil gloss calendered white vinyl & laminated with the matching gloss GF231.

Next, we applied the laminated vinyl to one side of the 4×8 sheet of ½” white painted MDO, then duplicated the process for the 2nd piece. We adhered three 10’ 2×2 white painted wood posts to the MDO, one at each end and one in the middle. Time to schedule the install.

Our installer used Sika Polyurethane fence post mix to set the posts after digging the 3 holes. The poly fence mix is more expensive than concrete but much easier to use, lightweight, sets up quickly and no water is needed. We are always looking for better materials, methods and processes to help our clients receive the best overall experience. We are ready to go the extra mile for our clients without compromising our integrity or quality.

Our team of experts are ready to help create the perfect sign that will get your business noticed! Ron was very pleased with his completed signs and we know with that type of visibility, he will be noticed every day of the week! Front Row Signs can get you the sign you need with the results you want! We are only a phone call away. 832-222-9385

-Written by Front Row Signs – Katy, TX


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