Katy, TX – Bold Channel Letters and Window Decals for New Comic Shop

Fun Stuff Comics and Cards reached out to us for our expertise in getting their business to stand out with unique, readable, and bold signage. Check out our process of crafting their  signs and how we helped their small business get noticed.

Located on Franz Rd. in Katy, TX., Fun Stuff Comics and Cards is a shop where customers can buy and sell comics, cards, movies, and much more. Randall, the owner, is ambitious, extremely knowledgeable about his market, and was such a joy to work with.

We created a large set of channel letters with the name of the store, as well as the glass door, in a bold fuschia. We also provided them with big, white lettering for the top of their windows as another addition to catch the attention of the shop.

Installing the white window decals was a bit of a challenge. We needed to install 4 sets of Vinyl lettering on 4 separate windows, each showcasing a different product and included  “COMICS”, “CARDS”, “TOYS” and “GAMES”. With our trusty 14’ ladder, we cleaned and prepped each window, carefully measured the height down from the top of each window and marked the center of where each word would be placed. We then measured each word in reference to its width to find the center width.  Each decal was double checked for multiple centerings, height and width placement of each window and cohesiveness between each separate window and lastly, that everything was perfectly level to the individual window and to each other. Not a small feat but we were up for the challenge!

We also encountered another obstacle to overcome. There was a dip in the concrete that leads in to where the handicap-accessible ramp was placed. We had some difficulty with keeping the ladder balanced and still being able to reach up and lay down the two decals evenly, but were able to get them laid quickly and accurately by teaming together. We had one team member spotting the other, who would lay down the decal onto the window at the top of the ladder, to make sure they would not fall or hurt themself.

Located on Franz Rd. in Katy, TX., Fun Stuff Comics and Cards is a shop where customers can buy and sell comics, games, cards, movies, and much more. We’re glad to be a part of their business journey by creating lasting, unique signs for their business.

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