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Business owners with a storefront location know how important signage can be to their potential and current customer base. Utilizing the space allowed is a great way to get the best bang for your buck. Windows can be an overlooked asset for signage. If your landlord and HOA allows, you can transform your windows and doors into a billboard for your products and services. Lets look at some benefits and types of signs specifically for the glass areas of your storefront.

Types of Window Graphics

There are multiple ways to maximize that wide open window and glass door space. Most businesses need a suite number above your door and a decal on the bottom, a declaration statement for the doors to remain open during business hours. These are usually supplied by the builder or landlord and are required by the fire marshall before opening. Depending on the type of business you are running, you may need your hours of operation, phone number, logo and website address placed on your front door. You can have your logo in color or in white. Many centers may have restrictions of exactly what they allow and may even restrict the colors.


Utilizing your windows for marketing space is a great way to maximize your storefront. You can have promotional displays, holiday sales, or simply state what types of services or products offered. McDonald’s is a perfect example of utilizing their window space for promotion.


There are some inexpensive alternatives to costly free standing displays for promotions. You can use re-usable or removable vinyl decals and graphics on your exterior window space and some vinyls even allow you to print in reverse to install from the inside out. Promote holiday sales with temporary graphics or utilize removable vinyl, kind of like a peel and stick, for decorating and re-using a couple of times. When finished for the season, just stick on the backing paper and save for the next year. Quick, easy and cost effective. You really can’t go wrong!

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