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Opening a storefront location? Consider utilizing your window space for temporary signs. Temporary window and door graphics grab attention. You can showcase your top products, services or menu items with bold enticing images. The short term benefits outweigh the costs. Check out what we did for Clean Juice, a new franchise location within the Heights area of Houston. The graphics created lots of buzz for the upcoming juicing store. Opening day was a big affair with lots of new customers ready to enjoy the delicious juices in a beautiful indoor or outdoor setting.

First step is the site survey. We took accurate measurements and images of the windows where the temporary graphics would be installed. There were 35 graphics in all ranging in size from 27.5″ x 104″ to 54.25″ x 90″. The franchise branding came from corporate. All the signs and graphics were produced out of state and sent directly to us for the installation. Once corporate received the measurements from us, they produced the graphics and shipped them to us. We removed each graphic from the shipped packaging, checked the sizing and labeled each according to it’s position on the layout. We then packaged the graphics, for transit in installation order left to right, top to bottom for each section based on the layout. This way, once our installers arrived at the site, the graphics were organized for ease of install.

On the day of the install, our 3 installers set up first with cleaning each window. There was much construction around the install area for hazardous conditions. The dirty windows were  cleaned and alcohol prepped thoroughly. Cleaning and prepping each window is imperative for good adhesion of the vinyl.  Since it was temporary vinyl, corporate sent a very inexpensive vinyl option without laminate. Less expensive products can be inferior to their higher priced counterparts but it shows in the quality of the material-bubbles are more likely, the material can be very thin and hard to manipulate, easy to tear or stretch and the list goes on.  Our installers took their time and installed everything well and the client was very pleased. The temporary graphics were a huge success!

Temporary graphics can offer your prospective customers a taste of what they can expect from your storefront. It also allows you to test out certain marketing images or verbiage. Did you know that we offer free strategy sessions? Make an appointment with one of our project managers to see how temporary graphics can help build your customer base before you are even open! 832-222-9385 Call us today!



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