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How cool is it to get a makeover for one of your home’s rooms? That is exactly what one of our business partners, Fresh Cafe Designs, does to help their customers everyday. They update the look of school cafeteria’s with beautiful and striking 3 dimensional signs for a fun & cohesive look. Each job and school has a specific color scheme based on their school colors. These custom signs incorporate the mascots as well as increase school spirit. They bring life to the bare walls as the kids grab and eat their lunches.

Each design is unique to the schools and gives us a chance to stretch our creative legs. Fresh Cafe will take photos and measurements to decide what type of design will fit and where. They send us the initial designs, proposed sizes and how they plan to install. We then figure out the best materials to fabricate the signs based on these very specs. Some other factors that we must take into account:

  • Material size limitations- Most of the these institutions have a huge area for kids to eat at and this allows a vast blank canvas to explore sign options. This does, however, sometimes offer problems as to size limitations of certain materials and we have to know the end usage to be able to recommend the correct alternative.
  • Budget-like everyone else, the schools have a particular budget they need to stay within
  • Sign installation location-If the sign needs to be installed in an area that kids will have access to touch or mess with the signs, we need to take into account the best type of materials that can stand up to excessive use.

For White Oak Middle School, we had all that we needed to get going on this job. Here is what we came up with for one particular piece that was to be installed on the wall at the entrance of the serving area. The school mascot was an owl and Fresh Cafe wanted it to be a large focal point. The full sized owl would be routed for detail and then we add digital printed graphics with laminate to protect the face. We traditionally use 3mm PVC for these types of signs and due to the size, we chose the largest size of 5×10, and had to use 2 pieces for the 116″x 83″ full sized sign. Our manufacturer only had 5×10 White PVC in 6mm (1/4″) thickness so the owl would end up with a good dimensional thickness for even more impact.

Everyone was very pleased with the end result and the cafe and serving lines looked fabulous! Are you a school looking for a budget friendly way to spice up your cafeteria lines? Give Fresh Cafe and Front Row Signs a call today!


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