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A good wayfinding or directional sign system can help your clients and potential customers  navigate the parking lot or between offices that look similar. These types of signs are very prevalent and necessary to guide clients in the right direction. We helped Bancorp South with their newest location in Fulshear, TX with all their signs but we will discuss the directionals at this time.

We perform installations for many out of state sign companies. These national companies have large contracts with the end client but need help all over the country with the installation portion.  We were proudly chosen by Knight Signs out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama to help them with their local Fulshear job. We helped coordinate the project for a smooth install.

There were 5 non illuminated signs that was fabricated by Knight Signs and shipped directly to us by private carrier.  Each sign included the following:

  • 3′ long painted Bancorp Green 2″ thick .080 aluminum square tubing for the posts
  • 3MBlack and Dark Emerald Green cut vinyl
  • 3M white cut vinyl for the directional copy
  • Each sign was double sided
  • Each sign was approximately 3.75 sq. ft.

Permitting was not needed for these directional signs so we were able to schedule the installation as soon as the signs were received. Based on the site plan, we did some pre-work. We marked the area with white spray paint so that our installers knew exactly where to install the signs. We also printed copies for each installer of the site plan showing each signs’ location.

To install, we dug 2 holes per sign to set the posts. The hole depth was 1’6″ x 1′ and we set with concrete. Making sure the sign was level, we held the sign in place for a minute or two. We replaced a little of the dirt or bark bedding we removed level with the ground at the hole site.

After a final quality control check to ensure each sign was level, the directional copy was facing the correct way, and the site was cleaned of all debris and dirt, the installers signed off. Not a difficult job, but with all the little details present, there was much that could go wrong. Taking the time to plan ahead, have the correct paperwork, and the right tools to execute the job correctly is part of our day to day. Do you have problems with clients navigating your center, hospital or professional offices? Are you an out of state sign company needing a local reliable sign company to perform installs? We are ready to help both of you! Fill out our quick and easy quote and we will contact you within 4 hours during our normal business hours.


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