Fulshear, TX – Local Bar Gets Updated Storefront Sign Facing for Bold Logo Box

The Growler Spot needed a little “face lift” for their storefront sign, and we were eager as always to help them out! We love helping out local businesses, and enjoy a good hangout spot as much as anyone. Read below to learn more about The Growler Spot and how we fixed and updated their old signage.

Based out of the city of Fulshear, The Growler Spot is a great sports bar and beer garden hang-out spot with passion and enthusiasm for local Texas breweries and the people who come there for a fun time. Deriving from their name, a “growler” is a glass jug between 32-64 ounces, and at Growler Spot, you can purchase one of your very own and refill it every time you go there with any of their 30+ beers on draft. The Growler Spot is all about casual, comfortable atmosphere, and feature a additional menu with a variety of fun appetizers as well as non-alcoholic drinks available.

Firstly, the old sign face had to go. We did a quick survey of the electrical components before removing the previous face from the logo box and discovered that the electrical components were good, but the residue behind was left from weather damage from the hot, Texas sun.

We ended up replacing the sign face with brand-new 3/16” polycarbonate and glued on a new trim cap to screw onto the existing frame for the logo box. Their logo was also re-printed and laid onto the polycarbonate material on clear vinyl with a glossy laminate. This allows for the sun to shine through the material and illuminate the print while also keeping it durable and resistant to any future weather damage.

The Growler Spot really stands out as a unique, comfortable hangout spot and their creative, cost-effective signage really shows that. We were very pleased to have helped them give their previous sign a little “face lift”, and bring more to their business with bold, cost-effective, low risk signage!

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