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You just bought an existing business! Congratulations! During this exciting time, there are some important factors to consider before making any immediate changes. You already have an existing customer base so you don’t want to alter anything that could alienate them. If the business was having problems, you want to differentiate yourself with the existing management style. You may want to incorporate your own branding but it can be confusing to your clients. How can you decide what is best?

We helped our client, Fulshear Elite, configure a plan on which signs and marketing materials would be most effective. We sat down with the owner, Kelly, and listened to her thoughts and vision. After asking some pertinent questions, we helped her determine what message was most important and what materials fit her needs best. Here are some of the products she decided on-Banners, business cards and a new storefront sign.

The storefront sign needed a serious update. It was small, faded and worn. It was also installed in a spot that received very little exposure. We offered Kelly one of our most popular substrates, Dibond or ACM. Dibond consists of 2 pieces of .15 aluminum sandwiched between a polyethylene core. This allows for the longevity and durability of metal with the lightweight appeal of the plastic core. It is very cost effective and looks fantastic!

Since the gym location had low visibility on what was their actual storefront, we opted to install the sign on the rear side of the building. The placement was also determined by the other buildings that blocked their line of sight. We believed the permit office would approve a larger sized sign as long as we were within the regulation limits. Unfortunately, they didn’t include the entire amount of linear footage of their full storefront, but only a portion of it. We revised the size that the permit office would approve and then on to the fabrication.

After making some minor adjustments on Kelly’s logo design, we printed on HP GP 60″ calendared gloss vinyl which is rated for 5-7 years. The laminate was also an HP calendared product which extended the life of the print a few more years. Honestly though, we subtract those amounts suggested by the manufacturer by half due to our harsh Houston weather. The UV inks we print with are an added bonus! Once the print was cut to size, we installed it on 2 pieces of 3mm ACM to yield the final size on her building. Kelly loved it and we hope it brings her many crossfit enthusiasts!

If you value a sign company that will take the time with you to truly listen to what is most important, than look no further than Front Row Signs! Our Project Managers love to take a deep dive into our clients needs and expectations so we can offer the best signs possible! Give us a call at 832-222-9385 today and get a no obligation quote.




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