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Channel letter signs are vital for any business that operates or wants visibility at night. Our client, Bancorp South, needed channel letters for their new location in Fulshear. Here are the details of the job.

A sign company out of Alabama had the contract with the client. They produced the signs and shipped them to us to install. First step was to assess the scope of the job so that we could accurately present it to the local permitting office. Based on the location, we also had to provide a permit for the local Homeowners association. The specs for the letters are as follows:

  • Internally illuminated channel letter and logo
  • Faces-logo-3/16″ white plex covered with 3M Trans Dark Emerald Green vinyl. Inline border and tree to show white from face. “bancorp South” & underscore-3/16″ white plex
  • Trim-1″ Black Jewelite
  • Returns-Logo-5″ deep painted Bancorp Green; Letters-5″ Deep painted semi gloss black
  • Lighting-White Sloan LED’s

The Logo was 2’4-13/16″H x 2’10-5/8″ W. The Bancorp South letters were 21′ 5-3/4″W x 2′ 4-13/16″ H. The total sign was around 103.20 square feet and total width of 24’7″. The sign was a direct mount using 3/85″ all thread non ferrous bolts. We accessed through the crawl space inside.

Couple of issues we had during this process. The HOA rejected the original design for the channel letters asking for a revised overall size, height and location of the logo portion and denied altogether the 2nd channel letters et that was to be installed on the side elevation adjacent to the main street. After receiving the new plans, we resubmitted to them and they approved. The next issue we had was with the city permitting office. Once that was cleared up, we could finally issue the fabrication process. The permitting process can extend delays in a project and many clients do not want to hear of it. It truly is out of our hands but we try to keep on top of the situation so that no further delays can occur.

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