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Based out of Jourdanton, TX, Fresh Cafe Designs is committed to creating fresh, eye-catching, and fun environments for school cafeteria designs. PVC, which can be used for a variety of indoor signage and cut into unique shapes, was our best friend when crafting their colorful cafeteria. Read below to find out what PVC indoor signage can do for you, and how we created the vibrant design to brighten up the space of Marine Creek Elementary’s cafeteria. 

For Fresh Cafe Designs, we created these colorful, hexagonal panels, geometric fruit designs, and spelled out the words “Eat Healthy, Feel Healthy,” in cut PVC routing. It’s set and printed with matte laminated vinyl to give all the pieces a bright, eye-catching design. 

The great thing about using PVC for indoor signage is that it’s durable, lightweight, and versatile. The material is porous, which makes it less dense than wood or acrylic, and can be easily painted on or laid with a digital print. 

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is resistant to moisture and abrasion, does not corrode or require frequent painting, and can be cleaned easily with any mild cleaning products. It’s a perfect low-maintenance, low-cost material that makes reliable indoor signage that will last for years and years to come. 

Fun Fact – Print vinyl is essentially a thinner, plasticised PVC (after all, PVC does stand for polyVINYL chloride)! The paper-thin, smoother version of PVC surface is perfect for digital print and lasts even longer with a nice matte or glossy laminate. 

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