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Have a sign that doesn’t quite work for you anymore? What seemed like a good idea at the time may turn out to be an eyesore. Maybe it was the color combination or the message is now irrelevant or changed. You do not have to live with a sign you hate. We pride ourselves in offering real solutions to our clients based on their needs not based on our profit. Let’s take a look what we offered to Brookshire Family Practice to replace their banners that weren’t working for them.

Current signs unreadable

Our client had an existing metal frame they built to hold banners. The banners were small, had multiple lines of services offered with a light colored and small text. All of these factors led to an unreadable sign that the weather destroyed rather quickly. The client came to us with this problem and needed a cost effective solution.

Problem Solving

We first performed a site survey to assess and measure the existing frame base. We decided since it had a nice cross bar, we could attach a metal sign to it and get rid of the banner option that wasnt working. This allowed us to increase the size of the sign face and also use a more durable material that would withstand the weather.

Effective Design

Next we needed to create an updated crisp design. Colors matching their branding and text representing only what was the most important facts are always a good choice. They were on a very busy road so the message must be clear, easy to read and express the message concisely for good visibility. Since we could utilize the entire space and not just a portion as the previous banners were, we had much more space to present the message.

Fabrication & Install

Time to put it all together! We used Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) for the sign face. This material is a lightweight yet durable form of 2 sheets of aluminum sandwiched between a polyethylene core. The client decided to create the design themselves. Once ready, they sent us the print ready file. We use an HP 360 Latex Printer and Royal Sovereign Laminator. For the vinyl, we used 3M 35C, which is a calendared gloss permanent vinyl. For the laminate, we used 3M 8505, which is a calendared gloss laminate. After trimming down the prints to the appropriate size, we applied the prints to the ACM. On to the location to install. We used self tapping screws, utilized the existing structure and cross bars for attachment.

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