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Sometimes you need an additional sign to compliment your main sign. Here is where the Blade sign shines! Traditionally found near an existing sign, the Blade sign can offer additional view, direction or an entirely new message. They can be non-illuminated or illuminated with flat or dimensional lettering. You can also use digital prints for high impact graphics.

Blade signs are defined as a type of projecting sign mounted on a building facade, storefront pole or attached to a surface perpendicular to the normal flow of traffic. They are used as a stand alone sign or in addition to the main storefront sign. They are versatile, & can be quite distinctive. They are very popular and in some instances required for shopping malls and multi tenant spaces. They offer greater visibility offering different angles than a traditional wall sign. Single or double sided, they allow even more viewing areas for your sign to get noticed than a traditional flat wall mounted sign.

Blade Sign Benefits

Easily Viewed-They project outward and offer views from both sides perpendicular to the storefront or location they are installed. The signs are viewed in multiple directions unlike the storefront sign which may have a limited line of sight at different angles.

High Visibility- great for locations that have a lot of foot traffic. Such as in a shopping mall or downtown area.

Versatile-They can be lit or non lit and offer versatility in design to the elaborate, modern or simple style

Easily fabricated-Most are comprised of simple construction of a metal cabinet, aluminum extruded or fabricated, HDU, PVC or acrylic.

Many Design Options-Any sizes, highly detailed or basic so all budgets are represented

The blade sign is usually installed vertically or off an adjacent wall or surface. These are great for malls and business centers where the tenants are one after the other. They offer more visibility for the location without having to be immediately in front of the storefront. This way, the customer can see where the storefronts are located from a distance.

Interested in how a Blade sign can help get customers to your mall or business center location? These signs can either stand alone or compliment the storefront sign offering additional viewing. We are ready to help you choose the best design and options to offer the highest impact for your budget. Fill out our quick and easy quote to get more details.

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