Many signs are born out of necessity. This was true for our latest client, Highland Resources. They needed two signs that would direct prospective buyers to the correct lots. Since none of the land is developed, they needed signs that were large and could easily be seen from a distance. We were happy to do just that!


It is important to listen to the clients needs and wants. Our team of experts offer free strategy sessions with all clients so that they not only feel heard, but also not rushed. Each job, big or small, is of the utmost importance to us and we ensure that we have ample time with every client to address their concerns and exceed their expectations.

As we sat to discuss the scope of the job with the Highland Resources team, we quickly realized there would be some obstacles to overcome. We decided to take them on individually to offer appropriate solution options to solve the problems we anticipated. We helped them choose the appropriate materials for their temporary way finding signs while providing a simple alternative to update the sign as needed without requiring to dramatically alter it.

Even with ample amount of preparation, situations beyond your control are bound to happen at one time or another. The weather in the Fulshear area of Texas, like most of the southern part of the state, can be unpredictable and quickly escalate to nasty conditions. This was the case when we were assessing the job on installation day.

The ability to adapt to situations quickly can change the direction of a well thought out project. Without the ability to change the install date, we were forced to perform our task in some highly unfavorable conditions. The solution? Adding on another installer & using a higher costing product that would enhance the safety and timeliness of the install without passing those costs on to the client was what we felt to be the best options. The integrity and quality of the sign, the client’s satisfaction, and the safety of our team members were of higher importance than losing profit.

Truly listening to the client’s needs while quickly and efficiently adapting to changes throughout the process is what Front Row Signs does every day for each client, big or small. It takes more effort and time on our part to help our clients figure out what sign is best for them rather than just picking whatever is easiest or most profitable but it is just the way we do business. We are happy to sit down with you and discuss your sign needs with a complimentary strategy session. Give us a call at 832-222-9385.

Written by: Front Row Signs – Fulshear, TX

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