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Katy, TX – Dimensional Sign Completes Rebranding for New Franchise: Next Home Place

Dimensional signs are a highly sought after product in the marketing industry. They are known for their visual appeal, and direct broadcast of a brand. Robyn Jones is a real estate agent in Katy, Texas that needed these specific qualities in a sign to rebrand her business location with the imagery of the franchise she had just purchased, Next Place Home. She reached out to our team of professionals, and we got right to work!

Take a Look: Finished Product

 In the image above, you can see the completed sign package that we provided for the client. The installation was a success with an exceptional dimensional detail in effect. This will set her business apart within the grocery store location, and give her the visibility she deserves!

Project Details

With the location of Robyn’s business being within a grocery store, there were very specific guidelines that had to be followed. These attributed to the dimensions of the sign, coloring, logo, placement, and installation. We followed these specifications closely, while maintaining the design aesthetic that our client was looking for. The dimensional effects added something extra for her marketing tool, and pleased the client with their completion!

Exact Specifications

The completed branding dimensional sign ranged in height from seven inches to twenty-six inches with three eighths of an inch thickness of the acrylic lettering. Custom paint was used to keep within the color scheme requested, and we used stand-off installation for the dimensional effects. The stand-off’s were set in at a half inch.

Dimensional Signs: Benefits and Customization Options

A sign with dimensional detailing is sure to be an effective marketing tool. The 3-D effects automatically draw the eyes, and give visual impact that is memorable. They are chosen for exterior signs, as well as interior lobby signs and wall signs. In addition to the appeal advantages, there is also the customization benefits. These signs can be changed and personalized to fully meet the needs of any business in any industry. Some common tailoring choices include:

  • Creative Color Combinations
  • Bordering
  • Illumination and LED Wiring
  • Logo Representation
  • Substrates Used in Fabrication

Want to Learn More?

Our team is ready to begin your custom dimensional sign package. Contact our experts, and we will schedule a free consultation to find the specific details that will make your personalized package an effective one. We will work with your budget, location, goals, and aesthetic to create a one of a kind solution to any marketing, organizational, and décor sign needs!


Written by: Front Row Signs – Katy, Texas







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