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How to optimize your booth space with a Table Throw from Front Row Signs

Who doesn’t love a good trade show? As a business owner showcasing your products and services, you must grab the attention of the many potential clients walking by your booth and you only have a few seconds to do so. How can you set yourself apart from the crowd? Utilize the knowledge of Front Row Signs specialists to help you choose the right trade show products for your industry.

There are many choices for the type and style of products to highlight in your booth. The table throw is one of the most cost efficient methods to achieve exposure at trade fairs. You will want to utilize every inch of booth space to get your best ROI and this includes your table tops. Consider utilizing your prime real estate by displaying your logo and/or tagline on a tablecloth to showcase your brand or highlight a top selling product or service.

Styles and Materials-Which one is best for you?

There are a few styles to choose from and each for different purposes. The standard full color print tablecloth is either open in the back (3 sides) or a full back version (4 sides). The 4 sided is the most common and allows hidden storage beneath for back up materials & samples while the 3 sided is best used for a table that backs up to a wall or partition. These utilize end to end printing for maximum impact of your message or logo. The Stock table throw offers a logo or message centered in the front with a choice of stock colored material. These incorporate one image or message as opposed to the full color option in order for you to utilize the table for additional displays on top. Lastly, the Table Runner option has the logo or message printed on a  runner which is centered on the throw. This is the most cost efficient choice but is limited in options. There are also different styles to choose and include a fitted or stretched option. These offer edge-to-edge custom printed graphics on a fitted throw covering the front, back and sides of the table. One fits snug around the table and the other stretches under the table legs for maximum safety and style.

The material used for the throws are a Polyester Heat-Press Fabric created for easy care and long term use. The prints are processed either by heat-press vinyl (similar to apparel style screen prints) or dye sublimation (for rich full color graphics). Choose your style based on your brand message and budget.

Is having a booth right for me?

Although being a part of trade shows can be a big chunk of your marketing budget, it is definitely one you should consider. You can highlight your best products and services, partner with other industry professionals, acquire new customers, or gain insight on competition making it a worthwhile venture and investment in yourself and your business. We would be happy to help strategize and educate you on the many products to showcase your brand. Give us a call to schedule this free session at our showroom.



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