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An example of a sign that makes good use of the brand and communication

Do you own a business in or around the Richmond, Texas area or do you plan to start one? If so, this post may contain some very useful and important information about marketing, advertising and sign and graphics design and installation for local business, large and small in a broad array of industries. These industries in Texas need a company that is dedicated to seeing their visions become a visual reality in tangible form, producing tangible results for the long haul of their operations in the community. Our company and its dedicated team of design and installation technicians are helpful, experienced, knowledgeable and talented, but they also know how to collaborate, listen, share ideas and conform to the standards of a particular company. We take customer service seriously and want to reach out to businesses to help keep their brand appeal as consistent as possible for the future of their companies or organizations.

Working with any industry in the Richmond area

There are a wide variety of businesses, large and small in the area and our company can help provide graphics and signage for pretty much any industry out there. We specialize in crafting logos, banners, outdoor and indoor signs and graphics, vehicle wraps and decals and a variety of other kinds of signage and graphics. Any company that is situated in any type of industry will benefit from a consistent brand experience throughout their operations, from the internal and interior to the external and exterior, so employees, stakeholders, clients/customers and the public all share the same experience of the brand and understand its concept, mission and philosophy as a company or organization. Even non-profits need to think about their brand concepts and the visual and communication elements that are tied to it. Brand identity can be developed for companies or organizations in food/beverage service, health care, science/research, education, fitness, technology, manufacturing, computer sales and service, insurance, banking, legal firms, engineering firms, architects, contractors, HVAC, ISPs, electricians, appliance sales and service, music promotions, radio and television, retail and many others.

What makes a brand consistent?

A brand that is consistent has an actual identity. It involves more than just a logo and some images and couple lines of text. There is much more to it than that. It is an involved ongoing marketing, philosophical and advertising process. Building a reputable and recognizable brand takes hard work, vision and investment. It means building the foundation of the company values, mission and strategy and implementing communications and visual experiences that render those ideas in tangible and intangible forms. The intangible parts of the ideas such as the who, what and why of your business. Figure that out to craft the symbols, colors and typography of your design to strike a chord with customers, clients, investors, etc. These elements should come back over and over again through business communications in marketing, advertising, internal communication and outreach. The entire experience of the business should remain branded.

What makes a brand appealing?

Brands that are appealing share certain characteristics. They are visually pleasing. They create a sense of reputation, quality and identity and breed loyalty and intrigue. Their messages are clever and represent the core mission, values, philosophy and service/product category of the company well through visual cues and communications. Call us to consult on your brand experience.

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