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The crew at Front Row Signs can appreciate the spirit of the DIY mentality when it comes to simple fixes at your business or at home, but signage isn’t necessarily something that you can just do yourself with no experience or training and execute the task well or properly for that matter. That isn’t to say that you can’t learn the process, but trusting a qualified professional that is licensed, insured, talented and experienced at design and installation of business signage is your best way to go. This will ensure that your company maintains a good reputation in the community and your location is safe for the public to enter. We do not promote DIY signage at Front Row Signs in Richmond, Texas because we are leaders in sign design and installation in the area and understand the risks associated with such tactics. It could also end up costing your business more money in the long run.

Consider the rules and regulations for signs and graphics

You need to consider all the rules and regulations for the design and installation of graphics and signage at a business location. There are certain rules and requirements that state, local and regional government agencies require. You may need special building permits and you will probably have to conform to some type of code, in terms of your design, placement and positioning of the signs or graphic elements. If you hire a friend to do this type of job, they may not have the knowledge to navigate these requirements or the motivation to follow them. Also your landlord or property management company may also have certain criteria. There may be even certain neighborhood criteria to follow.

Safety first always

Of course, there is always the issue of safety to think about. Businesses always need to think about this issue because it can impact their operations and their reputation in the community as well. A bad sign installation with poor construction techniques can endanger the lives of the public who are entering your business. If an installation falls apart and ends up injuring someone, you can actually be sued for damages related to the incident. Only trust an installation professional that is insured and properly trained to handle this type of specialty job.

Your reputation is on the line

Your reputation as a business in the Richmond, Texas community can be impacted by the visual elements of your business. You don’t want to appear to be a fly-by-night operation. If you’re concerned with how to finance your sign, it is probably better to wait then to jump into installing a sign that you will only have to remove later. Consult with Front Row Signs to see what your options are. Signage may not be as expensive as you might think.

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