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Outdoor signage examples; Some in need of maintenance

You need to preserve the integrity of your business by taking care of your signage and ensuring it doesn’t fall into disrepair or get extremely filthy. This will reflect badly on your company or organization in the community. We are the leading sign design and installation experts in the Richmond, Texas area. We have helped countless businesses in a variety of different industries here in the region with sign design and installation at their locations. We always provide ongoing support, maintenance and repair to our clients. We can also help maintain and repair signs and graphics that we had nothing to do with designing or installing. Our goal is to help businesses succeed with their signs and graphics. We take pride in our customer service and work ethic. We also pay attention to details and maintain the integrity of the mission, values and philosophies of the companies we work with.

Your sign should be kept clean

Make sure to keep your sign clean and free of debris with regularly scheduled cleaning appointments by a technician or yourself. Our installation technicians usually give business owners and other clients that we work with some light cleaning tips for sign care. However, exterior signage can get very dirty and requires some extra heavy duty cleaning. Our technicians are experienced with cleaning and have the equipment to handle it. Call us if you need a deep cleaning for your exterior signage or graphics. We would be happy to come out and get your sign clean and looking fresh for the public view.

It is important to maintain your sign with repairs

Every now and then, your sign may get damaged and will need a repair. It is important to maintain the structural integrity of your signage and graphics. Make sure that you regularly inspect your signage and graphics to look for tears, looseness, broken components and other damaged pieces or parts. If you had a sign installed from us, we can inspect the sign and repair it. We will do whatever is necessary to get your business back in good shape within the community. We want your reputation to stand for good quality. Make sure to be proactive and give us a call if you need any of our services.

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